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The Premier's Reading Challenge has just begun!
Come into the library and pick up your personal reading log. The website for the challenge is
Just a reminder of some of the rules:
K-2 students read 30 books from the PRC booklist.
3-6 students read 20 books from the PRC booklist.
Read different books if you have entered previously. All personal reading logs must be entered online or a hardcopy submitted to the library by Friday 31 August, week 7 of Term 3. All students who submit on time will receive a PRC certificate and their name will appear on the Honour Roll in the newspaper. Students who complete the challenge continuously for 4 years also receive a gold certificate.
The log on information required for each student is the username and password they use in computer class time. This information is known to their class teacher only. If you experience problems with the current password let me know and I will make a new password.
Good luck and happy reading!
If you do visit the library to pick up some Premier's Reading Challenge information also come and check out the library balcony that has been painted to commemorate the National Year of Reading 2012!
Miss Neate